Spokane Board Gamers
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Welcome to Spokane Board Gamers!

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Welcome to The Spokane Board Gamers!

Spokane Board Gamers is a group of gamers which has met weekly for over 10 years playing a wide variety of board and card games.

We highly recommend you check out our Facebook page (link above and to the Left), as shows current and upcoming events and is a great place for general discussion.

We love meeting new people and playing new games. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, religion, sexuality, or anything else. If you want to play games you are welcome here :-)

We primarily play modern board and card games and have peope with strong loves of Euro games, highly strategic games, wargames, deckbuilders, kid games, and even some traditional games.

We meet every Tuesday at Riverpark Square in downtown Spokane. We are located on the 3rd floor near the food court (by the windows). We usually start playing at 5PM and usually play until 9PM.

Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to playing with you soon!