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About Us

Spokane Board Gamers first met on January 1st, 2008. We have met weekly for over 8 years.

Spokane Board Gamers was organized by Mark Scrudder, who continues to be the fearless leader of the group. He is joined by his friend Jon Jordan and partner Anne Seil as faithful minions and organizers.

We are passionate about games being fun and safe for all people. We are a safe space for people of all ages, creeds, sexuality, etc.

We work with local organizations to create events throughout the Spokane area. We have worked with groups including GenCon, Indie Games Alliance, SpoCon, Destinations, FanNexus, and Palouse Board Gamers.

We meet in a public space and anyone is invited to join. There is no cost, no membership dues, or requirements to purchase at our location.

There is a food court near the meeting place where food and drink may be purchased and there are clean public restrooms available.